Driver Outsource

A key service of Carsayars is the Driver's recruitment outsourcing service made available to both individuals, and corporate bodies. Our driver are tested, trained and groomed by our pool of motoring experts before they are deployed to the client.We can supply you with as many chauffeurs as you require for as long as you need, be it for 3 months or 3 years.Our drivers are experienced, professional and most importantly, safe drivers. Therefore, if you require a driver outsource company then call Carsayars on 09-952 222 001 or email us on [email protected].

Personal Drivers

If you're thinking about getting a personal driver for any purpose such as your family trip, travel with your friends and to avoid any driving stress, then look no further than us.Carsayars provides around the clock personal driver services to meet all of your requirements. If you require a driver for a day, a week or a month for your personal or business use, then Carsayars can provide you with a professional and experienced personal chauffeur driver.Whatever you may need, we can work around your requirements and arrange a Driver for you.

Event Drivers

In regardless of any occasion, Carsayars is here to help making sure of your event goes as planned.If you are an event company who require professional and experienced valet parking chauffeurs service, then Carsayars can provide you drivers on demand anytime of the day.Similarly if you have a wedding event or a concert, Carsayars can provide you and your guests with private chauffeurs to make your event a worry free one.

Coporate Drivers

Finding parking when there is an important meeting to attend is one of many obstacles drivers in the major cities in Myanmar have to face.We've been there and know what it's like, worst of all during the raining season! Carsayars will take care of your needs. We can take you to the door in your car and wait with your car until you are ready to be picked up.That's just one example of many services Carsayars can provide for your corporate use and needs. Whether you need a driver for short or long-term.