Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • "The Company” shall mean Carsayars
  • “Vehicle” shall mean the Vehicle of the Customer.
  • “Chauffeur” is a member of the Company’s staff employed for the purpose of driving the customer to their desired destination using their own vehicle.
The chauffeur responsibility is limited to driving the customer to the destination specified at the face of this invoice/contract using their own vehicle.
The company assumes no liability for fire, theft, losses or damage of any personal belonging in any case. In no event will it assume liability for damage injury sustained through faulty brakes or poor condition of vehicle or its part.
The customer has agreed that the vehicle is properly covered by insurance.
In case of any accidents, the company’s liabilities are limited to those stated in the vehicle insurance policy as per the motor insurance policy of the Union of Myanmar.
Company’s Maximum liability shall be limited to the refund of fare.
The chauffeur has the right to stop the car and discontinue the service once if the customer mistreats him in any way that could endanger the life of both the customer and the chauffeur.
In case of vehicle breakdown during the journey or en-route to customer destination, the chauffeur will try to make alternative arrangements at the Company’s discretion. Refund may not be made for the uncompleted portion.
The Company does not assume responsibility and liability for missed appointments due to traffic congestion and/or vehicular breakdown and/or adverse weather conditions.
The Company will not be liable for defects to a Customer’s Vehicle, which render the vehicle unusable where the same is proved and to the extent that is proved to be caused by the Company’s negligence.
The Company reserves the right to change prices whether or not it gives notice of its destination to do so. A charge will be payable by the Customer in the event that the Customer cancels or amends a booking within less than 2 hour of the agreed time.
The Customer agrees that in order to ensure both his/her and the chauffeur’s safety on the road, he/she will not cause any distraction while the service is in progress.
The acceptance of the service constitute acknowledgement by Customer that they have read and agree to the foregoing contract.